Sunday, November 06, 2005

Book Release - Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development

The book that Andrew Connell, Angus Logan, Stefan Goßner, and me have written, Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development is Available NOW!

This book has the most in depth-coverage of important MCMS development topics found anywhere. Each author of the book is a renowned expert in the area. Learn directly from recognized community experts Extensive coverage of the Publishing API (PAPI) Get Sharepoint and MCMS working together InfoPath, RSS and hot topics covered In More Detail

If you've mastered the basics of MCMS development, this book provides the next step. It has unique coverage of MCMS and Share Point Portal Server (SPS), a detailed tour of the Publishing API (PAPI). Hot topics like InfoPath, Sharepoint WebParts, placeholder tips and techniques are also covered.

Following on from Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server, this book takes MCMS development to a higher level of both power and integration. Like its predecessor, this book is packed with code examples and never-before seen secrets of MCMS.

Buy it now!


At 12:56 AM, Anonymous laks..! said...

I ordered one a few days ago. I am looking forward for the SPS-CMS integration chapters..

At 6:20 AM, Blogger Pedro Tiago Pereira said...

Don't expected too much on SPS-CMS. I bought the book and it seems to me that is very well written and address a lot of interesting (advanced) issues. But Relating to SPS its funny if you browse the SPP newsgroup you will find a lot questions without an answer:
1) WEBDAV support
2) QueryEx is not returning custom properties, and why MSFT samples and this book don't show an example of that.
3) IF you use Query, you need to parse XML content, and you will find nice things like for example unexpected double UTF-8 enconding.

There are a few bugs and issues that are not addressed in day to day problems.
Meanwhile after the silence in the newsgroup and delay of this book, i manage to solve each dificulty.
but i do not understand why SPP info is so limited.

but in the overall the book is very good, like the first one. Sometimes we expected too much.

Tiago Pereira
tiago.private (AT)

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Mei Ying said...

Hi Tiago

Thanks for the feedback! The book's primary focus is on MCMS with some topics on MCMS-SPS integration techniques. It doesn't discuss SPS in-depth. Actually, when writing the book, the question of whether to include more SPS material popped up frequently. Eventually, we decided that being an extension of the first book, the "Advanced" book should focus more on MCMS. Otherwise, we'd end up writing 2 books in 1 :-)


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