Wednesday, August 31, 2005

One month down the road

Time flies! Was it just one month ago that I joined Avanade?

So far, it's been great! I've been assigned to a project with a government organization. It's huge in terms of both team and code. What's interesting is the mix of people from various companies. There are at least people from 4 different organizations working here and they are all really good at what they do.

A new environment brings along with it new challenges. The project is now in the test phase, which means a lot of work is involved in preparing data to be loaded into components to see if they do what they are expected to do. The kinds of computations that some of these components perform are really complex, each contains a gizillion business rules. Dollar values are involved so the result must always be correct. The tricky part is devising a scheme to help the end-user test all possible scenarios (all 35 factorial of them). It's up to us to build a creative solution to achieve this and to troubleshoot problems when we find them. Hunt down those bugs!

All very exciting work :-)


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