Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Office 12 Information from PDC

The tap is starting to turn as Microsoft releases more information on Office 12. For months now, the lid on this particular suite of products has been pretty tight. Even if you knew anything, you can't share it or use it. And much of the information goung round came from grape vines and rumour mills.

Not any more. News is breaking out.

This week, at the PDC, a few major announcements will be made both from Microsoft as well as its partners. I'm still right here in Singapore so I'll be glued to the Internet to keep up with the latest happenings.

First off, is the unveiling of the new Office 12 user interface. Check out this "live" screen shot taken by Angus and a video by Channel 9.

Yesterday at 8.30am Pacific time, Bill Gates delivered a Keynote that includes important technical previews of Office 12.

So much news in a single day! And there's more in the pipe line. Read the latest blogs on Office 12 from Technorati.


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