Wednesday, August 31, 2005

MCMS Presentations around the globe!

This couple of weeks have been a busy one for fellow CMS MVPs - Andrew, Angus and me.

Andrew delivered a MCMS session to the JacksonVille Usergroup. And he's got some great book recommendations. Check them out!

Travel round the globe to Australia, and you'll find Angus this Thursday at TechEd Gold Coast giving a presentation on Accelerating Development with MCMS & Best Practices. I've had a glimpse of his slides and his presentation is going to rock! If you're at TechEd Gold Coast, look out for Angus at the InfoWorker booth.

Just last week, I did a co-presentation with Sarbjit Singh Gill from Avantus Training at TechEd Singapore. We covered two sessions - Accelerating Development with MCMS and Best Practices for Designing and Building CMS Solutions. Both presentations went well. Considering that Steve Riley was giving a session next door, we had a nice turn out :-) For the acceleration session, we had lots of CMS demos - oodles of goodies that are ready-to-use from GotDotNet and a variety of other sources. It was pretty neat, kind of like a showcase of power tools for CMS! If you were at either session, drop me a note. I'd like to hear from you.


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