Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Invalid object name 'RepositorySynchronization'

I was trying to save a posting that contained a SharePoint Document Placeholder Control. Each time I tried to do so, I kept getting the following error:

Save Placeholder Failed
Error Details:Invalid object name 'RepositorySynchronization'.

Angus found an interesting post in the SharePoint newsgroup. Turns out that the error is caused by a missing table named "RepositorySynchronization" from the CMS database.

Somehow, the table wasn't getting generated when the DCA was used to switch from one database to another.

The post suggested importing the table from an existing database. But what if you didn't want to do that (in case there is more than the table that needs to be imported) or what if you didn't have a connector-enabled database to copy from in the first place?

Good news is: You don't have to manually import the table! The connector comes with a tool named, PostMSIConfig.exe that fixes the problem (located in the \MCMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies\CMS\bin\ directory). Just run it and the RepositorySynchronization table appears within the database like a charm. Problem solved!

To reproduce the problem:
1. Install the SharePoint Connector for MCMS.
2. Create a new SQL Server database.
2. Use the DCA to point to the newly created database.
3. Look at the database using Enterprise Manager. Notice that the table, RepositorySynchronization, is missing.
4. Try to save a posting based on a template that contains the SharePoint Document Placeholder Control. You will get the error mentioned above.


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