Monday, April 25, 2005

CMS.RAPID Developer Webcast - next week - 3rd May - register now !

It's at midnight Singapore time, but I plan to be there!

Dear RAPID Downloader,

Following significant demand, and the record attendance at the 9th March launch webcast, we have secured a further Microsoft-backed event, this time aimed at going deeper into the development side of RAPID. We are planning to demonstrate how to build new templates, affect the output via the XSLT layer and then show how to build a custom RAPID-compatible control. As well as this we will be taking questions of course during the event. Presenting will be Tony Sloggett and Vince Rothwell of Artemis Corporation.

Registration is open and available at this website address:

Timings are aimed primarily at the US and European timezones, with an 8am start for West Coast US (Pacific Time US and Canada), which translates to 4pm UK time.

We are expecting a very high attendance figure so I would urge you to book a place as soon as possible – there is a limit on the number of attendees.

Also if anyone would like to suggest some interesting topics to cover we are very open to ideas – this event will be fairly informal and questions submitted in advance will be answered for the benefit of everyone, assuming they are relevant to the event. Please send any technical ‘How Do I’ type questions directly to me.

For those of you that cannot make the event, do not fear, as there will be a recorded version available within about a week or so of the live event.

As always, thanks for all your support of the RAPID initiative – we continue to build more and more momentum and it’s a very exciting time for us. In the next 2 months we will release a new solution site for RAPID 1.0, called RAPIDBlue, which includes multilinguality, and shortly afterwards will follow a new version of the core solution, RAPID 1.1, including Sharepoint integration and Membership.

I very much hope you can join us on the 3rd May.

Best regards


Dr Nick Mayhew
RAPID Launch Director
Artemis Corporation

Monday, April 18, 2005

An Eye for a Guy?

Singapore has caught up with the latest trends in reality TV. It has started its own localised version of the Batchelorette named, An Eye for a Guy 2, now into its second season.

Guess who's one of the eligible batchelors? He is none other than our Microsoft MVP lead for South East Asia, Howard Lo. If he wins, he gets an all expense trip to Europe with drop-dead gorgeous MTV VJ, Denise Keller.

A local magazine, 8 Days has even described Howard as the "Charismatic one". Does he get the girl? Tune in to find out! (Though from his latest emails, it seems that he is still in Singapore)

Meanwhile, about 45 minutes ago, Singapore has finally released its decision to build not one, but two casinos! One will be built at Marina Bayfront, and the other at Sentosa. When its all done, you could take a break from long business meetings at the city centre to roll a few dice and make a fortune. Man, should have grabbed that condo by the bay... it's all sold out, btw.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

More MCMS Solutions!

The cat is definitely out of the bag :-)

We are interested in having your feedback. If there is a topic or a problem that you would like discussed, do drop us a mail.

Direct from Stefan's blog:
I want to let you know that Mei Ying, Angus Logan, Andrew Connell, Joel Ward and myself (Stefan Goßner) are currently writing on a second MCMS book. It will focus on more advanced topics which didn't make it into the first book. Here is a short overview of the topics that will be covered in the new book:
- Advanced Publishing API topics
- SharePoint integration (with and without Connector for SharePoint technologies)
- Web Parts and MCMS- Search integration (with and without Connector for SharePoint technologies)
- Content Syndication/Aggregation with RSS and Webservices
- Content authoring using InfoPath
- Placeholder Validation using custom Validator controls
- Loads of Tips & Tricks for MCMS you should not miss

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stefan's Tip of the Day

Stefan has started a Tip of the Day series on his blog. Way to go dude!

ITHit Free Edition

Sounds good!


Dear Mei Ying, We have just released Web Author Enhancement v2.0 Free Edition for MCMS 2002. WAE Free edition is available at no cost and installs new Select Internal Link dialog, Copy\Move dialog, Popup Console and Kill Lock console action: