Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A brand new year, a brand new start

If I was Hiro Nakamura and teleported myself back to the start of 2007, I would still find it impossible to predict how the year would end. 2007 was a year of twists, turns and curveballs that led to an unpredictable series of events.

For starters, I've left Avanade. My new job is with a local investment company. Will I miss the world of consulting? Probably. Will I consider going back to that line of work? Maybe. But until then, I will settle for what I have now, which is considerable more time to persue personal projects. From little things like teaching the dog to fetch the papers,picking up new cooking recipes to catching Martha Stewart on TV (oops! Did I just 'fess up on that?). In my previous job, I just wasn't able to find the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Time was flying by too fast. June felt like March and November felt like April. I guess it was just time to do things a little differently to achieve a different result. Thanks to everyone who helped with the job search. Next round of drinks will be on me :-)

I've also been renewed as an MVP! Its definitely a great honour to be part of this wonderful program. I've learnt a lot from the community. This year, I hope to give back a lot more than I've taken from it. Its great to work with a product like SharePoint. Kinda like being part of a worldwide movement but for computers and tech geeks. Plus, in the coming future, I'm going to be looking at it seriously from the viewpoint of an end-user. Will I feel the same way about SharePoint after that? We'll see :-) But I'll definitely still be running my own mini-code projects. You can take the geek away from a computer but you can't take the computer away from the geek.

2008 is going to be an exciting year. I just know it!


At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Glenn said...

awesome! hope to see more tips and tricks from a great SharePoint MVP :)


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