Thursday, September 16, 2004

Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002

Joel Ward, Stefan Goßner and I have written a book that shows you how you can build an MCMS website from the ground up.

A fast-paced and practical tutorial guide for C# developers starting out with MCMS 2002

  • Learn directly from recognized community experts
  • Rapid developer level tutorials build logically through out the book
  • Develops a feature rich custom site incrementally
  • Tips and Tricks from developer newsgroups and online communities

More Details >>

The book is targeted to be available in the October-November time frame. Pre-order now and save up to 30% off the list price.


At 3:03 AM, Blogger George said...

Hi Mei-Ying,

Your answer in the ms newsgroup is very helpful for me to trouble shoot the MCMS bug, as a thank, I'll order your coming book.
Are you going to have a VB version?



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